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Buying a used car in alberta Form: What You Should Know

For more information or help, visit: Buying a New Vehicle From A Commercial Vehicle Dealer — Alberta New vehicles from a commercial dealer are subject to the regulations and fees set out for the vehicle type in section A of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Buying a used car in alberta

Instructions and Help about Buying a used car in alberta

Hey everybody I'm here today to talk to you about buying a used car and I will be specifically talking to you about six questions that you should ask the private seller before actually buying the used car the answers to these questions will help you to understand what you are getting yourself into with regards to buying that specific car so I would highly recommend asking these questions and getting as many answers to them as you can because it will help you to make the most educated purchase let's get right to it how many kilometers or miles are on the car now cars with higher mileage generally require more maintenance and more things are prone to go wrong in those cars with higher mileage and cars with lower mileage are generally less prone to problems and don't require nearly as much maintenance so it will allow you to understand what you are getting yourself into after you purchased the used car if there will be a lot of additional costs for maintenance and things unexpected unforeseen circumstances of parts breaking and so forth also if the car has an unusually amount of high or low kilometers or miles on it you might want to ask the private seller why the kilometers are why the kilometers or miles are unusually high or unusually are you the original owner now someone that has taken care of a car for seven years or eight years or ten years has likely taken really really good care of that car because it was a large part of their life so if you are buying a car that is more than five years old and the person that is selling it is the original owner then you know there is a good chance...

FAQ - Buying a used car in alberta

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What is a good alternative to Carfax? After watching the video below, it becomes clear that Carfax can miss quite a bit of important info on a vehicle's past. What other ways are available to consumers to research a vehicle's complete history?
Carfax vehicle history reports have nine reporting topics: mileage accuracy, report summary, accident reports, vehicle specifications, ownership details, lemon law classification, recall news, warranty items, and vehicle history details.I recommend you to visit a site like Free Carfax AlternativeOnline, where you can find the best and most complete free Carfax report alternative that you can get for your car online, and is highly recommended whenever purchasing a used car. Is a good alternative to Carfax and is one of the other ways are available to consumers to research a vehicle's complete historyThe first thing to do is to get the VIN, which is the vehicle's identification number. This number can be found at the base of the dashboard, on the driver's side. There should be a small metal plate with the VIN engraved. Every car receives a VIN from the manufacturer, so whether you are buying from a dealer or an individual, your car should still have a VIN. This ID number contains access to any reported history of the car, such as accidents, floods, and previous owners.The information comes from a database that is collated by the NICB. The information in this database comes from insurance companies who report thefts, flood damage and other claims that relate to the information in your final report.As I told you, the best way to get a free Carfax report is in that kind of sites where you can get a basic report for free and also you have the option to get a complete and detailed report very cheap.Not matter which report you choose, make sure you get at least one before finalizing a purchase. There are plenty of clever and creative ways to hide the faults of cars, but if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.
If I change a car every 2/3 years, should I buy and then sell it or lease it?
Getting a new car every two or three years is fairly expensive, as Iu2019m sure you already know, so you must obviously have a pretty good disposable income.So you have three choices:Pay for the entire car upfront, and sell it privately on Kijiji or something when youu2019re tired of it. That requires a hefty cash outlay. Do you have a mortgage? If you do, I would tell you to put that money towards the mortgage and finance the car instead.Finance the car. Most finance terms are 60u201372 month terms, so in only 2 or 3 years you will still have negative equity. You will owe more than the value of the car. This can be solved by taking a 36 month finance term, but your monthly payment will be really high.Lease on a 36 month term. Just drop the keys off at the end a get another car. On the surface, this looks like the best option, however, there are pitfalls to leasing. The dealership holds all the cards in the negotiation. You donu2019t own the car, and if you donu2019t want to lease another one of THEIR cars, suddenly, they start finding a whole bunch of things u201cwrongu201d with your car, so they can ding you with extra charges. If they are losing you as a customer, they take one last shot at picking your pocket.In conclusion, my advice, if you have a mortgage, is option 2, financing it over a 36 month term, and owning it free and clear in three years. It will be a high payment, but if you canu2019t afford it, you really ought to be asking yourself why you need a new car every two or three years, if itu2019s not in your budget. There is nothing wrong will keeping a car 4, 5, or 6 years.
How much will my car insurance cost?
Thereu2019s no fixed cost for car insurance. It depends on six factors:Letu2019s understand why and how:1. The value of your caru00b7 Insured Declared Valueu00b7 Your insurance depends on your caru2019s value. Itu2019s called the Insured Declared Value or IDV. You can opt to reduce this amount.u00b7 Sum assuredu00b7 The IDV is the maximum amount the insurance company promises to pay during a claim.u00b7 IDV affects premiumu00b7 This can affect your car insurance premium amount. The higher the IDV, the higher is your premium.u00b7 Donu2019t forget depreciationu00b7 Your caru2019s parts get old. So, when it comes to replacing or repairs, the insurance company takes this into account.Market value u2023 Depreciation = Insurance payoutu00b7 You can lower your IDVu00b7 This IDV is not fixed. You can opt for an insurance with a lower IDV. This can lower your premium cost.u00b7 But remember, this means you may have to pay from your pocket if the damages exceed the IDV.2. The type of car insuranceNot every insurance offers the same coverage. It depends on the type of insurance.There are three main kinds of insurance policies available for your car. They are as follows:1) Third-PartyThis is a bare-minimum policy. It covers only the damage caused to another person and his/her vehicle. It has the lowest premium.2) ComprehensiveThis policy covers all kinds of damagesu2014to your car, another car, and the car driver.Damages include:u00b7 Collisionu00b7 Theftu00b7 Fireu00b7 Sabotageu00b7 Natural occurrencesSince this type of insurance offers greater coverage than a third-party insurance, it costs more.Your basic comprehensive car insurance premium consists of:u00b7 Cost of third-party coveru00b7 Own damage cover costu00b7 Personal Accident cover for the owner (Rs 100)u00b7 Service tax of 15%**May change over time.3) Zero DepreciationThis is an Add-on to a Comprehensive policy. It lowers the money you pay during claimed car repairs. It has the highest premium.Why you need Zero Depreciation Add-onu00b7 Your caru2019s value falls every year. This is called Depreciation. This affects you when you give the car for repair in the event of a mishap.u00b7 Your insurance company only pays a portion of the bill. This happens because the insurance company takes into consideration the depreciated value of the parts. However, a Zero-Depreciation policy avoids this. It will pay for the entire bill including the depreciation.u00b7 Usually, you can claim twice under a Zero-depreciation policy in a year.Hereu2019s the approximate cost of the premium for a car worth Rs 4 lakh with an engine capacity of 1,200 cc.Third-party Rs. 2,237Comprehensive Policy Rs. 6,000Zero-Depreciation Rs. 8,000These costs further increase when you take on Add-ons.1. Add-on coverageYou can increase the protection the insurance offers through Add-ons. The more the Add-ons, the higher would be the car insurance premium.The four common Add-ons are:u00b7 Engine protectionu00b7 NCB protectionu00b7 Invoice coveru00b7 Personal Accident cover (another driver)2. Your caru2019s ageAs discussed earlier, your Insured Declared Value depends on your caru2019s value. But, this reduces every year. So, the older your car, the lower its value. This can lower your premiumu2014and the sum assured.However, a higher age also makes the car riskier. Itu2019s more susceptible to damages. So, car companies often check your caru2019s health while deciding the premium.3. Extra security featuresOne of the easiest ways to reduce your car insurance premium is by installing anti-theft and other security features.This is because insurance companies are in the business of lowering your risk.This comes at a priceu2014the premiums you pay.The lower the risk, the lower is your insurance cost.4. Your claim historyCar insurance companies reward good drivers - those who do not claim.This is done through a u2018No-claim Bonusu2019.This bonus can be in the form of a discount on your premium. This reduces your car insurance cost.Similarly, if insurance companies see a history of multiple claims, it could drive up costs.
What are the things to check when buying used cars?
When buying a used card you need to check lots of things. I am listing some of the major things that you need to check.Never buy from a dealer, always prefer buying from individual.The reason I have mentioned this particular reason is, individual generally sells to the dealer when no one buy directly from them due to lot of issues in car which are been temporarily fixed by the dealer to get the attraction. Ratio for the same is about 65%Dealers get the repaint job done to make it look scratch free and adjusts all the features and functions in such a manner that the test drive is perfect and you do not get a chance to identify the flaws.Dealers sells the car with their added commission and they used card they have bought for 1lac that will be sold at 1.3 to 1.5 lac.Also they use poor quality parts if required to get those replaced, copy or local parts that impacts the caru2019s performance and output.2. Always check for the shade variation if there are very less scratches, to identify the repaint job.Repaint is generally done while the person is about to sell car or might have met an accident. Its better to buy a car with small dents and scratches than a repainted car.Remove the rubber insulators from the body once you open up the door, you will be able to see some marks if they are at equal distance its fine, if you find those missing there is reconstruction done post accident.Once you remove the insulators from the door you will see a small body coloured line embossed on the door panels at the edges, if not its the accident job done.Applicable to all doors including the boot.3. Open the hood with the engine running and listen for knocks, ticks or hisses.4. Lift up the pad or carpet in the trunk and check for rust.5. Make sure you drive the vehicle above 80u201385 km/hr at some point. Many front-end problems arenu2019t detectible at lower speeds. Does the front end shake, shimmy or vibrate?6. Does the vehicle pull to one side or the other when you accelerate? Find a large, empty parking lot. At 35 Kms per hour or so, let go of the steering wheel, does the vehicle pull to one side or the other?7. Apply the brakes, does the pedal feel squishy? Does the vehicle pull to one side or the other when braking?8. Check if Headlamps are original, do not buy the Taiwan or duplicate lamps.9. Always get the new tyres installed after purchasing, never trust old tyres (my personal opinion)
I'm looking to buy a used car but Iu2019m not sure what to look out for, what are some tips in buying a used car?
Iu2019ve bought plenty of cars in my life, all but one used.You can buy a small little magnet device that will tell you how many layers of paint are on a vehicleu2023 Youu2019re basically looking for uniformity all over the vehicle, which will tell you if the vehicle had been in an accident (if there is body filler in a section). Short of this device, pulling trunk panels and feeling inside wheel wells will quickly indicate if a quarterpanel has body filler on it.Immaculately clean engines are a big warning sign - It could mean the seller is trying to hide an oil leak. A layer of dry dust that doesnu2019t show any drips is a fantastic sign.While the engine bay is open, feel the engine. Is it cool to the touch? A warm engine will make different sounds than a cold engineu2023 Not necessarily a bad thing, itu2019s to be expected. But sometimes you can hide things by warming up an engine before the buyer gets there. While the hood is open, check for wires that arenu2019t in the loom, or otherwise not secured. This indicates a hack wiring job, possibly to install lights, a stereo amplifier, or some other accessory - A good install will be hard to spot, which is an excellent thing.Check the engine and transmission oil. Smell it - Does it smell burnt? New oil is another sign something may be trying to be hidden. A slightly darker shade indicates a healthy engine, if it is grey or white, walk away.Radiator water. A good green tint is what youu2019d hope to see, if it looks rusty, it could indicate internal corrosion, and if itu2019s grey or white, look for another car. (Update: Ryan Paine stated that some cars use red, and Arthur Romano stated that it was blue on his car. Iu2019ll amend my answer is it looks like a milkshake, with grey or white, walk away - Be cautious if it isnu2019t clear or if itu2019s filthy).Check the tires. Do they look evenly worn? If they donu2019t, you have alignment issues, either from a hard hit, running the car too hard (common if itu2019s a young driver), and rubs/scratches/dents on the edges of the rims, which could show someone that hit a curb too hard. Also, are all the tires the same brand/type? If one is different, it could indicate an accident to that side, or an alignment issue requiring replacing the tire (especially if the tire is noticeably newer than the others).Put the key in the ignition, and watch the lights. You want to see ALL of the warning lights come on, then go off in a few seconds. They tell you that they are functioning, and not otherwise disconnected, hiding an issue. I especially pay attention to the u201ccheck engineu201d lightu2023 If it doesnu2019t go off, it will never pass smog. Mind you, anyone with an OBD II reader can turn off the light, and it will take about 20 miles for the system to get good reading on the system. If you have your own (or borrow one from the local parts store) check to see if there are any tests pending on the computer (which indicates a reset). An OBD II reader that connects to your phone via blue-tooth sells for about $15, and the u201cProfessional Softwareu201d (I like Torque) sells for around $6u2023 although free versions are available. Anti-lock brake lights is also a good thing to looku2023 A malfunctioning system can cost a fair penny to fix.Start the engine, and listen. Squeaks, rattles, knocksu2023 Some will be expected on a cool engine that will quickly go away. Hydraulic lifters take a second to pressurize, so you may hear taps to begin with. Is the initial smoke white, or blue? Some whiteness from a cold start is okay, but it should look otherwise clear within 15 seconds, it should clear up.Stop and start it a couple of times once itu2019s warm. Does it fire right away? When you stop the engine, does it stop immediately, or does it have trouble dying?Smell the interior. Is the seller trying to hide an odor problem?Be sure to turn on the heater, and wait until you get hot air. Not necessarily to see if itu2019s working, but again, you can quickly find an odor problem. Also, if it smells sweet, youu2019ve got a coolant leak in the heater core.Is the interior floor mats dry, especially in the front footwells? No? You have a leak from somewhere.When driving, do you have power? Brakes donu2019t squeak when you step on them? Does the steering wheel shimmy when braking hard? Squeaking brakes indicate either glazed rotors or those needing new brake pads, a shimmy indicates warped rotors.Does the vehicle pull to one side or the other as youu2019re driving down the road? Alignment issues, which will wear your tires faster.Try the vehicle at different speeds. Feel for vibrations, especially coming through the steering wheel.If it is a front wheel drive vehicle, at a slow speed, try very sharp turns in an empty parking lot. Do you hear popping or grinding noises coming from the front? If so, you need CV joints.These are the main things I look for. If it passes, Iu2019ll have a formal inspection done at a shop - A $150 inspection is cheap insurance, especially if youu2019ll be paying more than $5,000 for a car.
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