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Instructions and Help about Fillable bill of sale alberta

I'm Tara Nelson from CTV Calgary and we're welcoming viewers from across the province and the nation this evening this broadcast was organized by a consortium of media outlets CTV CBC Post media and Rogers and it is going out live across the province and the country on TV radio the web and social media platforms I will be moderating tonight's debate coming to you from the CTV Edmonton Studios we have just 90 minutes for the leaders to discuss their platforms and convince you why they should be the next premier of this province so let's get down to business and welcome the four contenders we have invited the four leaders of the parties which elected members to the legislature from the Alberta party Stephen Mandel from the new democratic party Rachel Notley from the Liberal Party David Kahn and from the United Conservative Party Jason Kenney welcome to all of you tonight let me introduce you next to our panel who will be putting the leaders on the hot seat tonight from CBC provincial affairs reporter Kim Tran acity from post media legislative reporter Emma greeny from Rogers City News Edmonton reporter Courtney Theriot and from CTV Edmonton news at 6:00 anchor Aaron is felled so this is how the debate will work tonight the leaders will have one minute each for an opening statement then we will begin with questions from our panel questions that are based on suggestions sent to us by viewers across the province we thank the many Albertans who sent them in each leader will have 45 seconds to respond and then we will be opening the floor for a free debate involving everyone this is going to be the format for every question and we will conclude the debate with closing statements again with equal time for each leader now the leaders have not been provided the questions ahead of time they have been told which themes we will touch on leaders you can see that you have a clock in front of you so you can see how much time you have left we will be strict on the time segment so it's equitable for everyone and also so that we can have a little more flexibility during the free debate now to decide which leader would speak first we did a draw and Rachel Notley from the NDP we'll begin so ms Notley you have one minute good evening I started this campaign by asking who is fit to be your premier there are some who want to give big corporations a big tax gift while cutting wages and putting our schools and hospitals into harm's way I disagree I will diversify the economy fight for jobs and pipelines and defend our schools and our hospitals there are some who want to go back to old ideas that have failed and have left us in a difficult situation I am focused on the future on going to where the.

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