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Bill Of Sale Alberta Form: What You Should Know

The seller of a motor vehicle for use in a business transaction shall, upon request, provide the following information: (1) The name, address, license number, type of vehicle, sales tax paid and type of vehicle registration. (2) The name and address of the person signing the bill of sale. (3) The date of the sale. (4) The vehicle identification number, date of manufacture, description, make and model of the motor vehicle, the approximate price, the invoice number and description of goods sold, and if applicable, additional conditions of sale. (5) Any other material information requested by the registrar or registrar's office if it is a vehicle classified Type IV. (6) A bill of sale to be included within this Vehicle Registration Record. (7) The name and address of the person to whom the sale is made. (8) A certificate that the purchaser has fulfilled the other requirements of this Article and the Bill of Sale has been completed to that effect. (9) An affirmation that the seller is the owner of the vehicle. (12) The seller's fee. (13) When a vehicle is sold, the registrar's fee or, when there is no fee, a fee that is stated in the bill of sale. (14) Any other prescribed information. Bill of Sale — Stony Plain Registries (A) Description of the Vehicle (I) For new vehicles, provide the following information by typed or handwritten means: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). (II) For used vehicles, report the full retail price of the vehicle, excluding any title fees. (E) Make: model year. (II) Color: color description. (III) Vehicle Type: manual, automatic or manual trailer. (IV) Body style: convertible, station wagon, wagon, sedan, station wagon, sedan, pickup truck, small truck, large truck, or heavy truck. (V) Passenger capacity: (I) 2-passenger vehicle: (a) passenger-side up or down; (b) 4-passenger vehicle: (a) passenger-side down; (b) 4-passenger with safety belts. Note: If the vehicle is a convertible and is 4-passenger car with or without safety belts, then the maximum person capacity is 4 passengers. (VIII) Trailer: (I) Weight, gross weight, load rating, maximum width, maximum length, maximum height, and trailer width, towing capacity.

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Instructions and Help about Bill Of Sale Alberta

Want to share some important information. If you are selling your car to a private party, after you know the person bought the car from you, make sure that you have them fill out a bill of sales. A bill of sale will list you released from liability. You also want to make a photocopy of the pink slip as proof that you have sold the car. As a seller, you will not have any more responsibility regarding accidents. In California, you can download a bill of sale form ahead of time from the DMV and have it printed out and ready to go. Unfortunately, I forgot to do that. When I called my insurance agent, he asked if I had proof of the sale. I said no because I forgot to make a copy of my pink slip. He advised me to ask the buyer to send me a picture of the pink slip at least and maybe a bill of sale. However, when they called the buyer, he had already mailed it in, so I assumed I was okay as far as liability goes. To be safe, though, I decided to keep my insurance on the car for a couple of weeks before canceling the policy. I don't want to pay for insurance on a car I sold. Anyway, make sure you print out the form before closing the deal. Take it to the buyer and have them fill it out. Also, make sure you fill out the necessary information such as the make, model, and serial number. Sign it as the seller and have the buyer sign it as well. It is crucial to have proof that releases you from liability after the sale in case the person gets into any accidents. So, make sure you have...